Durable Flooring Options for Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

Distribution facilities and warehouses have to take on some pretty big challenges. Between the constant forklift traffic and the hum of delivery trucks and the back and forth of the pedestrians, these floors take a beating. If you’re looking for durable flooring options for your warehouse or distribution facility, Blackrock Industrial has got you covered.

Warehouse Flooring Requirements

An effective, functional, safe floor for a warehouse or distribution facility needs to be:

• Resistant to mechanical stress and pressure
• Resistant to abrasion
• Resistant to chemical damage, including damage from solvents, paints and acidic liquids
• Resistant to temperature extremes and fast, dramatic temperature changes
• Non-skid and non-slippery in both wet and dry conditions for safe transport and pedestrian safety
• Impermeable
• Impact-resistant
• Fireproof

These factors will all need to be considered along with the operational considerations and functional requirements of the flooring before and during installation.

Durable, Long-Lasting Flooring Solutions

Most warehouse flooring sees some seriously heavy-duty wear, and it needs a flooring solution that can stand up to the heaviest traffic, whether that means foot traffic-only or equipment, machinery, and vehicles, too. At Blackrock Industrial, we can help you find a flooring solution that can stand up to the toughest day-to-day use.

Safe Floors and Working Environments

Flooring needs to be safe for both the people walking on it and the equipment that is used on it. For example, facilities that house expensive electronics tend to opt for static-controlled flooring, which reduces the risk of static build-up that can damage the electronic devices. If spills are an issue, flooring needs to have high slip-resistance. Our flooring solutions include flooring that can handle exposure to abrasives, chemical elements, temperature extremes, and heavy equipment without ever risking worker, guest, equipment or product safety.

Fast Installation with Minimal Downtime

When choosing flooring options for warehouses, it’s not just about a safe, sturdy floor: You also want a floor that can be installed quickly so that you can get back to normal fast. Many advanced flooring solutions, such as concrete and epoxy, can be prepped and installed with minimal downtime, allowing you and your crew to get back to normal business faster than you imagined.

Seamless Epoxy and Concrete Flooring Systems

Concrete flooring has long been the go-to in warehouses and distribution centers with heavy foot and equipment traffic. Concrete flooring is resistant to shock and can handle heavy dynamic loads, and they’re cost-effective in spaces of all sizes. An epoxy coating adds abrasion-resistance and waterproofing with additional safety features and durability.

These types of seamless flooring systems can be customized with a wide range of features and reinforcements to better meet the needs of your facility. In environments like these, seamless epoxy and concrete flooring systems are designed to ensure that reliability and durability requirements of the space are met, and help guarantee production continues without interruption.

Protecting Your New Flooring System

Concrete and epoxy flooring systems are fairly simple to maintain, but because they tend to be subjected to a lot more abuse than the typical flooring system, taking the time to care for them properly can ensure a long lifespan and prevent damage.

• Clean all loose dust, dirt and debris to prevent it from becoming embedded in the flooring.
• Re-evaluate the layout of the floorplan periodically to ensure the floor is properly and thoroughly cleaned.
• Take advantage of professional cleaning services that incorporate both scrubbing and polishing periodically for a thorough deep clean can help prevent damage and spot early signs of potential problems.
• Keep your equipment maintained and check it periodically. Worn tires can damage epoxy flooring.

Blackrock Industrial Flooring Options for Warehouses

At Blackrock Industrial, we understand the unique flooring needs of warehouses and distribution centers. You don’t have time to deal with complex maintenance routines or time-intensive repairs when it comes to your flooring. You need a solution that can stand up to constant traffic and heavy equipment. Our seamless epoxy and concrete flooring systems are strong, durable and reliable, and our installation process is desired to keep you moving without interruption. Our customization process is virtually endless, incorporating striping, colors and other features as needed for engine bays, airports, parking garages, bus terminals, warehouses and more. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our team.