Create a more rustic aesthetic in your home with our polished concrete toppings and overlayments

From farmhouse to cottage core, rustic styles are nothing if not hot right now. Adding rustic elements can give your space a warm, friendly, down-to-earth feel. Whether you want to add a few rustic elements to update a home or completely transform your place of business, concrete toppings and overlayments can help you get the look just right.

The Appeal of Rustic Floor Designs
Rustic style has a timeless appeal, blending comfort with tradition seamlessly. While you can easily add just a few elements of this popular style to your space, incorporating rustic flooring packs a powerful visual punch. Common choices for rustic flooring include ash, oak, and pine flat or plainsawn wood. Ceramic tiles are also frequently used in rustic designs and tend to use rich, earthy colors and mosaic patterns. Concrete is growing in popularity for rustic flooring and with good reason: It’s affordable, versatile, and durable.

Polished concrete lends itself beautifully to rustic designs. You can enhance the natural concrete material with stains, dyes, aggregates, stamped patterns, and more to create the exact look you want. Some techniques can even mimic marble or stone floors and tiles. Polishing the concrete helps enhance the natural beauty of the floor while improving its overall strength and durability.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring
You might think of concrete as dull, gray, and lifeless, but modern concrete floors are anything but boring and ideally suited for many residential applications. At Blackrock Industrial, we can install a cementitious material directly over your existing flooring and add stains or dyes to match virtually any interior. We can further customize your concrete floor using stencils or stamps to create eye-popping designs and patterns. We can even polish the concrete for a brilliant shine that boosts strength and stain resistance.

Typically more cost-effective and affordable than installing hardwood flooring, tiles, or even carpet, concrete is a low-maintenance, hassle-free flooring option. Although some design needs could involve additional processes or techniques to achieve the desired results, concrete still tends to be significantly more budget-friendly than other alternatives.

We can use concrete to mimic flooring materials from stone to tiles, and we can even install epoxy over it to create brilliant, flowing patterns. One of the strongest flooring materials currently on the market, concrete can last a lifetime when properly maintained. The final product will be resistant to stains, scratches, etching, and many other kinds of damage. These floors require minimal maintenance: Simply sweep to remove dust and debris and damp mop as needed. With care, your rustic concrete floor might just be the last floor you ever need to install.

Styling Your New Floor
The rustic aesthetic is a simple, practical one. Your floor can range in color from light to dark and feature a rough-hewn finish or something smoother and more polished. Highlight the one-of-a-kind features of your floor using antique, modern, or industrial furnishings as desired: The rustic trend blends seamlessly with all of them! Be sure to incorporate natural finishes and elements in the space to bring it all together. Reclaimed wood pieces, natural stone or brick feature fireplaces or walls, and soft upholstery with thick, cozy knitted throws and jute or sisal rugs all work well here. Choose a warm, lush palette of rusty reds, mossy greens, and earthen browns. Potted plants and organic elements will bring the rustic look together.

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