Best Way To Maintain Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy flooring is a resilient, durable coating that can work well in just about any environment that sees high traffic. This includes garages, warehouses, and hallways. If you have a space that gets heavy foot traffic, light vehicles, carts, or machinery regularly, epoxy can protect your floor and keep it looking great year after year with a bright shine and minimal maintenance requirements.

Once the epoxy is installed, it doesn’t take much to keep your new floors looking great and functioning at their best. Removing dirt and debris, tackling stains when they occur, cleaning spills, and using the right products will go a long way toward protecting that shine. The flooring experts at Blackrock Industrial offer these recommendations for those with epoxy floors in New York and the surrounding areas.

Sweep your epoxy floors regularly.

Sand, dirt, grit, and other debris are unsightly on the floor, but all that mess can also damage your epoxy. Whether you are simply walking or moving machinery over the surface, the grit can act as an abrasive and scratch the epoxy or become embedded in it. Over time, the scratches can dull the shine and erode the sealant.

Avoid the risk of damage by sweeping regularly or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to remove any shine-ruining grit from your floor and keep it looking new and bright.

Mop properly.

One of the big benefits of epoxy is that it repels moisture and resists stains, but your new epoxy floors will still sometimes need mopping to look their best. When you mop, skip the soap-based cleansers, which can leave a shine-dulling haze behind, and instead use warm water and a mop to clean. When needed, you can also use a deck brush for extra scrubbing power or to tackle those tough messes.

Spot clean as needed.

Rain, sun, or snow, epoxy floors can handle it all. When unexpected messes are tracked inside, you can easily clean them up with a shop vac and finish with a mop and warm water. The natural water-resistant finish of epoxy ensures that your floors won’t be damaged, and the slip-resistance of the floors will keep people safe even when floors are wet.

Tackle heavy messes the right way.

If an epoxy floor becomes heavily soiled, cleanup is still a breeze. Tackle the mess and get your floor sparkling again by first sweeping and vacuuming thoroughly. Next, use a hard foam mop with hot water to remove the dirt and grime. Any remaining buildup can be addressed with a mix of 2-3 ounces of ammonia mixed into a gallon of hot water for a second mopping.

Erase stains and spots like a pro.

Naturally stain-resistant epoxy is unlikely to give you many problems with stains or discoloration. If you do see a stain on your epoxy, you can easily address it with a scrubbing sponge or soft deck brush and warm water to scrub it off the floor. Do not use steel wool or harsh cleaning compounds, which can damage the finish.

Chemical spills, such as oil or antifreeze, should be wiped up immediately.

Although no floor is entirely maintenance-free, epoxy floors are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and reliable, durable solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Contact Blackrock Industrial in New York today to learn more about our epoxy floor solutions or to schedule a site visit anywhere in the tri-state area with one of our installation specialists.