2023 Industrial Flooring Trends

2023 is bringing some exciting new design trends. Style gurus everywhere are declaring the farmhouse aesthetic over, putting barn doors back on the barn. Designers are also tiring of gray and bringing back warm browns, earthy russets, and bright silvers. Industrial flooring trends are evolving, too, and here is what you can expect to see on the horizon.

Brilliant finishes

Matte floors have had their day in the sun. While matte finishes can showcase the beauty of natural materials, they can be harder to clean and don’t reflect light well. Rooms with matte floors can end up looking dark and require more energy to light. Glossy finishes reflect light beautifully and can brighten up any space. They are easy to clean and look shiny and professional. There’s no wonder more busy industrial spaces are turning to glossy epoxy finishes for their spaces.

Green floors

Eco-friendly building materials are becoming more popular everywhere, including in the flooring industry. More people are seeking industrial flooring materials that meet LEED standards, and this means that more businesses are offering more options and more affordable options. Concrete is made using readily available materials, and there is minimal waste involved with using it. It can improve your air quality and even reduce your energy bills by keeping cooling costs lower. This is especially helpful here in Miami!

Clean floors

Anything you walk on is going to be tough to keep clean and hygienic, and this is especially so in commercial and industrial environments where dozens or hundreds of people and pieces of equipment might be using flooring every day. Epoxy makes it easy to keep floors clean and safe with natural slip resistance and additives to ensure it is both antimicrobial and antibacterial.

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