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Enhancing your business space with epoxy floors

When it comes to flooring, businesses have specific needs. Factories, industrial spaces, commercial, and retail spaces all have varying considerations that include durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Aesthetics might also be at the top of the list. Whether you are shopping for new flooring for a shop, showroom, or something else entirely, Blackrock Industrial can help […]

What should you choose: Polished Concrete or Epoxy Floors?

Both polished concrete and epoxy offer strong, durable surfaces for commercial, residential, and retail environments. Deciding between them can feel like an impossible task, but ultimately, it comes down to one question: Which is best for your space? There are several factors to consider, including the purpose of the space, maintenance needs, budget considerations, function, […]

Epoxy Flooring for South Florida Condominiums

Whether your building’s flooring is dated or you are simply ready for a change of pace, the number of options available today might seem overwhelming. From parquet and engineered wood to carpet and laminate, flooring options run the gamut. One you might not have considered, however, is epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring systems are designed to […]

Endless Possibilities of Metallic Epoxy Floors Solutions

Epoxy flooring systems are typically used in garages, kitchens, locker rooms, and other high-traffic areas. Epoxy is hard-wearing and durable while requiring minimal maintenance to preserve its glossy, high-shine look year after year. Blackrock Industrial, an epoxy floors contractor in Miami, takes epoxy flooring to the next level with our metallic epoxy flooring systems, combining […]

Miami Concrete Flooring Services

Concrete is a strong, durable, cost-effective flooring option. At Blackrock Industrial, we provide Miami concrete flooring services and see concrete flooring as a canvas with almost unimaginable options for finishing from polishing to staining. With the right finish, concrete flooring offers not just the ideal blend of function and strength but also aesthetics and convenience. […]

Impressive Durability of Epoxy Quartz Flooring

Epoxy quartz flooring blends beauty and function, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces, commercial kitchens, showroom floors, and more. To create, Blackrock Industrial epoxy flooring South Florida mixes quartz aggregate into our high-quality epoxy floor coating, enhancing both the appearance and the natural qualities of the epoxy. The finished product offers many benefits […]

Blackrock Industrial: South Florida Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Blackrock Industrial is a leading South Florida epoxy flooring companies. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that include epoxy flooring, traffic coating, terrazzo floors, and concrete polishing, resurfacing, and sealing. We design our range of flooring solutions for safety and durability, creating seamless, long-lasting floors for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities throughout the Central […]

Versatility of Solid Epoxy Flooring Systems

First introduced in Switzerland in the 1930s, epoxy was designed specifically for the building and construction industries. Over the years, its use expanded into the aerospace and automotive industries, military industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Today, the incredible versatility of epoxy flooring systems has made it one of the most popular floorings for all applications from […]

Blackrock Industrial’s Concrete Flooring Services In Miami

For many years, Blackrock Industrial has been refinishing concrete floors in homes and businesses throughout South Florida at a high level. Our claim to fame is attention to detail and dedication to laying down the finest concrete possible. Our concrete flooring remediation services are especially revered throughout the South Florida area. The Upsides of Concrete […]

New Year, New Flooring Projects

With the change from holidays to blustery January and February, many of us are energized by the universal desire to start the year off fresh. We clean, organize and plan for new beginnings in our home as we make it ready to take on the challenges of a new season and new year. While sometimes […]

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