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Commercial flooring options for your New York restaurant

Commercial kitchens and restaurants have some pretty specific needs when it comes to their flooring. These floors need to be able to take a beating, and they also need to keep up with the people who use them the most: your staff. Whatever flooring material you choose for your New York restaurant, it needs to […]

The best commercial epoxy floors for New York businesses

Commercial floors must be capable of withstanding heavy traffic and remaining functional and attractive even throughout the toughest tasks. Ideally, they should also be low-maintenance, minimizing staff downtime and workflow interruptions, and budget-friendly. Not every flooring material is tough enough for commercial spaces, but epoxy can. Commercial epoxy floors are perennially popular and with good […]

Why polished concrete is one of the best solutions for your commercial floors in Miami.

For the last several decades, polished concrete floors have more than demonstrated their uses and benefits. These attractive and versatile commercial floors have a sleek, modern design and a low-maintenance, hard-wearing finish. As an added benefit, polished concrete floors are fully customizable, which means that your business in Miami can choose color schemes and even […]

South Florida’s top installer of Epoxy Floors

Few floor materials are as durable, resilient, and attractive as epoxy. Epoxy has revolutionized the commercial flooring industry, combining function with beauty. As South Florida’s top installer of epoxy flooring, Black Rock Industrial recommends using epoxy in numerous commercial, industrial, and residential applications. We can help you decide if epoxy is right for you and […]

Best Way To Maintain Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy flooring is a resilient, durable coating that can work well in just about any environment that sees high traffic. This includes garages, warehouses, and hallways. If you have a space that gets heavy foot traffic, light vehicles, carts, or machinery regularly, epoxy can protect your floor and keep it looking great year after year […]

Blackrock Industrial is New York’s Top Concrete Flooring Services

Concrete continues to soar in popularity for all commercial and residential applications. This strong, durable flooring solution has demonstrated that it can stand the test of time. Naturally resistant to both fire and water, concrete is tough and able to withstand stains and environmental hazards while improving indoor air quality and energy bills when installed […]

2023 Industrial Flooring Trends

2023 is bringing some exciting new design trends. Style gurus everywhere are declaring the farmhouse aesthetic over, putting barn doors back on the barn. Designers are also tiring of gray and bringing back warm browns, earthy russets, and bright silvers. Industrial flooring trends are evolving, too, and here is what you can expect to see […]

What Contractors need to consider for a seamless flooring installation!

For a brilliant, lasting, outstanding shine on concrete floors, epoxy flooring can be an excellent option. Epoxy coatings are applied directly over the flooring, often for aesthetics, but they do so much more than make a space beautiful. Epoxy also protects the underlying flooring material from moisture, stains, chemicals, abrasion, chipping, and impacts. You can […]

South Florida’s Premier Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solution

A kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. Often the busiest room of a home, the kitchen tends to be the social center where everyone gathers. Not surprisingly, commercial kitchens are not just hubs of activity but frenetic spaces, and the surfaces are exposed to dramatic temperature extremes, the constant threat […]

Benefits of epoxy flooring installations for aerospace hangers

Few places exist where safety is as critical as an aerospace hangar. Hangars also tend to be busy spaces, which means that their floors must be up for the job. Spills, leaks, messes, heavy traffic, and anything else cannot be allowed to impede the important work that goes on, nor can anything interfere with the […]

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