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Hotel & Hospitality Flooring: A Rising Trend in Seamless Flooring Applications

Hotel & Hospitality Flooring: A Rising Trend in Seamless Flooring Applications Gone are the days where marble and stone are installed in hotel lobbies. In an ever-rising trend, upscale hotels and hospitality chains have moved towards seamless flooring applications in their facilities for multiple reasons.  Take a look at the W Hotel, One Hotel, Hilton Hotel […]

Epoxy and Concrete Flooring Contractors | What You Need to Consider

When it comes to projects that include epoxy or concrete flooring it is paramount to hire a trustworthy and reliable professional. Cutting corners or pinching pennies has a tendency to result in devastating, and expensive, consequences. Flooring is unlike most other trades in that it requires the complete vacancy of your space. All furniture needs […]

Healthcare Facilities | Investing for the Long Term in Seamless Flooring

There are very few industries as dependent on long-lasting, clean and reliable flooring as the healthcare and medical industries. These facilities that care for us when we are injured or sick operate 24/7 and cannot afford any downtime. Flooring systems for these spaces must be designed, formulated and installed properly to ensure all demands of […]

Airplane Hangar Flooring:  Blackrock Industrial’s Epoxy Flooring Solution

Air hangar floors in private, municipal and military establishments require specific characteristics that facilitate the overall operation of the space. These facilities need flooring systems that are durable, reflective, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant, which is why concret and epoxy flooring solutions remain the only suitable option. Floors in air hangars are constantly under stress, […]


We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. At Blackrock Industrial, the safety and wellbeing of our clients and employees remain our highest priority and we are keeping those who are affected in our hearts. With that said, Blackrock Industrial is open for business and is taking extra precautions during our consultations and on our job sites.